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At the first glance

Comsenz was founded in 2001 by Mr. Dai Zhi Kang, which became No.1 in very short time.

Over 600 thousands of forums and community websites have been built with Discuz!

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Msg2me Stories

Msg2me volunteered translation group was founded in 2009

Provides official international versions and foreign language support for Comsenz.

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How this rocks

Msg2me international versions have been downloaded for a few thousands of times & counting.


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What's more?

Discuz! & Comsenz are well known by more and more non-Chinese speakers, everyone like both.


Hello folks,

As you might already know, our T3 Joomla template framework has integrated Bootstrap in full features since the very beginning. And whoops!!!

The new version Bootstrap 3.0 has been released a few days back to celebrate Bootstrap 2nd birthday. Bootstrap 3.0 took the team almost 9 months to work on it, and was officially shipped out to the world with tons of new features and changes.

9 things you should know about Bootstrap 3.0 :

1. RESPONSIVE and FLAT all the way

This 3rd version are built starting from the mobile devices, and the the design went Flat. Even the modal code got its “makeover” to be “responsive friendly.” If you aren't into responsive, this feature can be disable.

2. Box sizing

Everything now is in boxes. Resizing becomes much easier.

3. Even better grid system

The system now has 4 tiers of classes: xs (phones), sm (tablets), md (desktops), and lg (larger desktops). You can quickly achieve a desired flexible layout with those classes.

4. Rewritten JavaScript plugin and consistent classes

Javascript plugin promises to be conflict free, and consistent classes striving for hassles free customization.

5. Optional theme

6. Glyphicons icon font

It is back in font format instead of images. Glyphicons are not available for free, but we get them packed in Bootstrap with free of cost! Awesome!

7. Added some components, then removed some

Panels and list groups join in the game, while removing accordion, submenus, typeahead, and other small items.

8. Goodbye IE7 and FF 3.6

Unfortunately, Bootstrap 3.0 will no longer support either of these browser versions.

9. And the seemed-like never-ending list of bug fixes

So what’s gonna happen with our T3 Framework then?

No doubt, these big changes somewhat affect our T3 Framework and we need sometimes to work things out. How long will it take though?

That really depends on how far we would like to go with Bootstrap 3.0. Not only T3 Framework will get the upgrade, we will also be upgrading all the T3 Framework version 3 compatible Joomla templates with Bootstrap 3.0 as well. Okay, now that sounds like the Bootstrap 3.0 integration with T3 Framework will take for ages to be done, which is not actually the case. We are currently still in the discussion mode with the team on our roadmap for this upgrade. This will be carried out immediately when we finish up with other ongoing projects, which we are going to share with you in the upcoming weeks (Exciting!!! And yup, these projects are HUGE!).

To ensure you don’t miss out with the latest status of T3 Joomla template Framework, you can head over to T3 Framework page and register to subscribe to our T3 Framework newsletter.

What do you think ‘bout Bootstrap 3.0?

  • Have you got around this Bootstrap 3.0 baby yet?
  • Should we fully integrated Bootstrap 3.0 into T3 Framework?

Please us your thought and suggestion in the comment section below


Any of our language packages only allowed for use on one of your sites including subdomain with exception of our agreement You are not allowed to provide our files in any form on any website or sell our files without our permission Discuz! X3.2 is a Comsenz product, we provide the full package just for your convenience, the normal Comsenz package doesn't include English language files. If you want to use it to build a commercial site, you need to purchase a license from Comsenz.

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Latest version of Discuz! X, most advanced portal solution until now, revised version, full package, with support before, contact us to get more information.

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There is a total of 16 languages for X3.4, 200RMB/Each

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